Progress, progress, progress!

First of all, apologies for the lack of updates on this blog page. We’ve been mainly focusing on delivering updates via our Twitter, Facebook, Discord server and our YouTube channel. Since our last post we’ve started doing a weekly podcast over there, and yesterday we did our first gaming live-stream, where we played Minecraft with members of our community. The server is still up by the way, so feel free to join! (The IP is

As for progress on the our first game, we’ve got a few images to show off:

Chris just finished modelling this Tavern, which will serve as an area in the game allowing the player to select which characters they have in their party
This character was made by Claudia, who is our main 2D artist and is responsible for all the Character art in the game

We’re aiming to have a demo version of our game ready to play by December, so stay tuned for that! Player feedback and community interaction is baked into our core, so we’ll want all your input when it goes live.

For more updates on our game (Including stuff about the programming side of things) be sure to check out our podcast “Around the Campfire” that we do live on our YouTube channel every Friday. As mentioned before, we’ve also started doing gaming live-streams which we are aiming to do every Wednesday.

So in summary, it’s an exciting time for Campfire Games and we can’t wait to share more of what we’ve been working on!

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