Beta feedback and further updates

Hi everyone, and my apologies again for not keeping this blog more up-to-date. If you want to follow our work more closely, please check our other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course our Discord. We also do a weekly podcast on our YouTube channel, and we’ve recently moved our weekly game stream to our brand new Twitch channel!

With that out of the way, we’ve got a lot of cool stuff to show off.

For those uninitiated, we are currently making a mobile game called Cloud Bastion. The game is based around jRPGs and makes use of mechanics such as permadeath to make the experience more exciting.

We recently launched a beta and had over 50 people sign up to play it. We’ve spent the last few weeks reviewing all the feedback we received, and the other day we pushed out a pretty big update addressing a number of complaints (Although we still have more work to do until it’s perfect!).

The core gameplay in Cloud Bastion revolves around hiring new characters to work with you at the in game tavern, and then taking your new characters into battle. There will be a variety of dungeons for you to battle your way through, each with their own unique art and music.

The start screen

When you first open the game you will be greeted with the above screen, and when you tap the start button you will be shown a quick tutorial (This is only here for the beta – The full version will have a tutorial built into the game that teaches you as you go), before being taken to the character creator (Which is pending a complete overhaul as the current design is clunky):

The main character creator. This interface doesn’t translate very well to mobile, and it is going to be re-designed in the next update

Once you’ve created your character you will arrive at the main island. This island contains a bunch of tokens you can tap on (The final version will have more). You can tap on a token and the camera will zoom in close to it and a brief overview of where it will take you pops up:

Your first stop should be the tavern, as you need to hire some muscle to take into battle.

A screenshot of the tavern

The tavern is the main hub where you can buy, sell and manage characters, as well as chat to the barman to sleep and nap. The spawning of characters and the ability to enter dungeons is tied to the time of day, so this is important.

You need three members to fight for you. Different potential recruits will come and go in the tavern, and after you purchase one a new one won’t take its place until the following day. Different characters have different, abilities, costs and stats, and you should pick your characters wisely to make battles easier.

You can talk to the barman to sleep and nap

After you’ve bought some characters, you can tap on the noticeboard to view and equip the characters you just bought.

The party management screen. You can drag and drop the character you want into the different slots

Now you’re ready to take on a dungeon!

The first dungeon

The combat in dungeons is turn based, and the character currently taking a turn is indicated by the circle around it, and it’s abilities are shown on the bottom right of the screen.

To use an ability, tap on it, and then tap on the enemy or member of your team you wish to use it on. If the ability is an attack you will be prompted to complete a quick-time event that, if completed successfully, will increase the damage output.

You will face 3 waves in each dungeon, and if you successfully defeat them you will be rewarded with money that can be used to buy new characters (Or upgrade your current ones in future).

The second dungeon
One of the quick-time events that can be completed to increase your damage output
The screen you get after completing a dungeon

As mentioned before, the game uses perma-death, so if a character dies in battle it’s dead forever.

While we are happy with the progress we’ve made on Cloud Bastion, there are a number of things we want to change and add to improve the experience. The main ones are:

  • Quality system: Different party members spawn with different abilities/levels. As dungeons get beaten, better characters appear
  • Level system: Can spend coin to level up stats/characters
  • Created character: Choose class, becomes playable if all hired characters die
  • Add separate options for hiring and buying, hired characters expire after a certain amount of time
  • -Earning money in dungeons: 50 * amount of kills * difficulty

We really appreciate the support and interest we’ve had in our company and our game. If you would like to join the beta test please click here to fill out the signup form. For the most up-to-date information on the game be sure to join our Discord server.

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