George Yarwood
Unity Programmer and Marketing Director
I'm in charge of the marketing for our company. I also work with Vlad on creating and programming our games in Unity.
For info on my personal projects and to contact me, check out my website.
Vlad Savenco
Game Designer and Unity Programmer
Hello everyone, I am Vlad and I am in charge of level design, creating the world in which our games take place and also programming the game mechanics together with my colleague George. 

To check out the other projects I have worked on please see my website.

Claudia Costa
2D and Texture Artist
Hi! I'm the artist of the company, I'm responsible for creating animations and 2D/3D assets for our games.
You can check out my growth as an artist on my artstation.
Chris Bodsworth
3D Modeller and Technical Artist
Hey there! I work on the 3D stuff in our games, that mostly includes the backgrounds and small bits of modelling here and there. Looking forward to getting to know you all!
Feel free to check out my socials: